Our Literature

Wherever possible we ensure there is consistency in the documents that we provide to our clients for each of the solutions we have created.  These are generally:

  • An Introduction document that outlines the specific solution and would normally include a scorecard and questions to enable us to establish how relevant that particular service is to our clients.
  • A Key Concepts document that reiterates the specific solution, demonstrating the benefits it will bring to our clients and also clearly outlines the steps that are included within the process itself.
  • Information documents that provide an overview of what we will be doing, the people within our business that will be involved in the process so that clients have a clear method of contact and also a simplified overview of what First Chapter and the client will have to do within the process to include guideline timings involved.

We also have a number of ‘Guide to’ documents to assist with the completion of any of the paperwork that may be required to implement our solutions.

We continually try to simplify all processes and reduce paperwork wherever possible, although we are often working in complex areas where detail is paramount to maximise the outcomes for our clients.  We do, however, try and take as much of the pain away with any necessary paperwork by completing this wherever possible for and with our clients.